Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fujikura Packaging Technologies

Fujikura Ltd. (Japan) has developed a pair of processing technologies that can make image sensors in smaller, thinner formats for the camera modules of mobile phones.

The claim is that using Fujikura's processing technologies, these devices can be made half as thin and just two-thirds the surface area of existing versions.

In general, the new process enables production of devices with thicknesses of merely 150-200 microns. As soon as next fiscal year, the company plans to solicit business for its processing technologies from manufacturers of camera modules.

The first technology involves drilling holes in the image sensor chip and filling them with metal to create through-hole interconnects. Electrodes can then be placed on the underside so the chip can be mounted directly above the electrodes on the board.

The second technology involves sealing the chips in resin and then slicing them, a method known as wafer-level packaging.

(The Nikkei Business Daily, May 2, 2007)

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