Monday, May 14, 2007

Lightfast Sensor from Panasonic

DPReview: Panasonic announced process technology to pattern an array of digital-microlenses made of an inorganic material in subwavelength dimensions. A digital-microlens can be formed by patterning digitally the inorganic material in concentric rings, which works out as a conventional onchip microlens to gather more light onto the photo diode area. The light path of each digital-microlens can therefore readily be designed according to its relative position on the image area. As a result, a uniform sensitivity can be achieved across the image area in any camera module in use.

The microlens technology looks identical to one described by Panasonic on IEDM 2006. Also, Panasonic announced photonic crystal color filters made of inorganic materials for the first time.

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