Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fujifilm Super CCD EXR Gets AF Enhancement Pixels

Fujifilm's F300EXR compact camera features fast hybrid AF combining contrast AF and phase detection AF into one. To support phase detection AF the camera Super CCD EXR sensor is enhanced with built-in phase detection pixels:

Pixels used in the phase detection AF are marked by 1. Fujifilm does not say how many pixels are entirely devoted to AF. It is not clear why they appear smaller too.

Update: DPReview has a detailed explanation of how Fujifilm phase detection AF works.


  1. My question is: how to read these AF dedicated pixels out from the pixel array ??
    Special connection is needed, are you sure that these tiny pixels are designed for AF function ??

  2. @ are you sure that these tiny pixels are designed for AF function ??

    This is how I interpreted Fujifilm's article in the link. If you have other interpretation, I'd like to hear.

  3. I think that the pixel size is the same, the diffrence is that the phase detection pixels have no ML/CFA. So it looks small on the picture. The phase detection AF needs continuous pixels, no ML/CFA can be tolerated. This is my interpretation.

  4. here's why the picture looks the way it does


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