Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TowerJazz Manufactures 25MP Sensors for Cypress

Business Wire: TowerJazz's 0.18um process is used in Cypress 25MP VITA 25K industrial image sensors for the high-end machine vision market, the companies said. Terms of the deal were not disclosed but a Reuters source said that TowerJazz would reap tens of millions of dollars a year in revenue over the next few years. Globes sources told that the collaboration is worth several million dollars, but beginning next year will grow significantly.

According to a report by Roy Szweda, RNR Associates, the forecast for image sensors used in the industrial market is expected to reach close to $840 million by 2014.


  1. what could be the sales volume for such kind of device(VTA 25K)?

  2. It's possible to infer a vague range from the available vague information, but specific projections are a valuable competitive advantage, so the companies probably wouldn't put them out for public consumption.

  3. It's a pretty cool device, and doesn't have the funny CFA pattern like the Panavision SVI part. The sheer data rates out of the part are incredible. I wonder where the rest of the VITA family is fabbed?

  4. Sales Volume.

    Tens of millions of revenue for TowerJazz - that sounds interesting for such a niche product! One can easily calculate that this would entail a sensor product volume of ~65k sensors per year per ten million revenue for Tower. At a sensor selling price of over 2000 USD, this would mean 130 Million of revenue per year for Cypress. Hmm, that hardly sounds credible, not even the order of magnitude fits.

    It would be interesting to know what is meant by Roy Szweda's report by the "industrial" market.

  5. 10 mio spread over a few years is more like what they meant in the news item, not per year

  6. To Andy - as far as I know, all of the Cypress VITA family is fabbet at TowerJazz 0.18 in Israel. If someone knows differently let us know.


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