Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fujitsu Launched Surround View Processor for Automotive

EETimes: Fujitsu 360-degree Wrap-Around Video Imaging Technology synthesizes images from four cameras to recreate an omnidirectional view of a vehicle's surroundings. The system designers can select the optimal perspective to give the driver the best view for any given driving situation. It is even possible to present a virtual "third person" perspective of the vehicle from multiple angles. The technology eliminates blind spots and provides visual assistance when the driver is backing up, turning corners or merging. The solution is based on Fujitsu MB86R11 "Emerald-L" 2D/3D Graphics SoC.


  1. Honda and Nissan already have something similar in their cars. Fujitsu would be a good third-party supplier to other manufacturers.

    It makes sense as well being that in 2014 rear-view cameras may be mandated by law on all cars and trucks. This takes it a step further.

  2. is this necessary for car driving indeed?
    for me it's pretty nice for video surveillance use.

  3. Neither view is necessary, though there are plenty of situations where they might be useful. In addition to the ones mentioned above, two more that come to mind are changing lanes and pulling out of a blind alley or driveway.

    I hedge with "might be" because the actual challenge is probably getting the system-level design corners right rather than cramming in the usual image sensor bells and whistles. It is definitely not an easy problem to solve.

  4. cool... a 360 degree view. now i can drive my car without looking out of the windows.


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