Friday, December 10, 2010

Omnivision Bus Tour Presentation

Omnivision published its Wedbush Bus Tour Presentation dated by Dec. 2, 2010. Most of the slides are taken from the Annual Shareholder Presentation from Sept. 2010 with some updates.

When talking about BSI-2 advantage, the company compares it with FSI pixels:

Omnivision quotes large market shares on few non-cellular markets and compares itself to Aptina:

The last year total market share is quite nice too:

Omnivision targets fast growing markets:

The resolution mix shifts toward 2MP+, but VGA is still more than a half of the company's unit sales:


  1. Did anyone see the TSMC presentation at IEDM?

  2. I noticed that the pie chart is from Yole. Does anybody remember the statistics by TSR? What did the Japanese say about the market share?


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