Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aptina Launches 1.25um BSI Pixel in 18MP Sensor

Business Wire: Aptina announced 1.25um BSI pixel-based AR1820HS sensor for the consumer digital camera and DV market. The new sensor packs 18MP is 1/2.3-inch optical format.

The AR1820HS utilizes Aptina's A-PixHS technology, which brings Aptina’s BSI pixel technology together with advanced high-speed architecture.

The native 18MP resolution can be read out at up to 24fps for high-speed burst still image capturing. In video modes, the sensor can output a 16:9 aspect ratio, full field-of-view 14MP at 30fps and a binned 8MP at 60fps. This oversampled image readout enables superior resolution, noise performance, and cleaner overall video. Additionally, over-sampled video provides extra area for electronic image stabilization (EIS) and steady digital zooming. The AR1820HS pixel summing capability provides the camera designer with the option of faster 1080p60 and 1080p120 video modes, or lower power consumption video options. The AR1820HS uses 8-lane HiSPi serial interface (800Mbps per lane).

"The AR1820HS image sensor and Aptina’s A-PixHS Technology provide OEMs with the combination of exceptional image quality and the high speed capture features needed to create a compelling new generation of consumer camera products," said Sandor Barna, VP and GM of Aptina’s Consumer Camera business.

The new AR1820HS improves on MT9F002 14MP sensor that has had with Tier-1 consumer DSC, DVC, and Sportscam markets. The AR1820HS delivers improved low ISO speed (outdoor) performance, high-ISO speed (low light) performance, lower structured noise, and better angular response than the MT9F002 14MP sensor.

The AR1820HS is currently sampling in limited volumes and will be in mass production in Q3CY13. Aptina shows a downsampled image from the sensor:


  1. Is this Aptina's only product with <1.4um pixel? Cant recall if they had announced 1.1um pixel so far.

  2. They announced a 12 Mp 1.1um pixel sensor in London earlier this year.

  3. it is based on TSMC old process, which used for OVT a year ago...

    1. Nope that is not the case here.

  4. Every imaging company has to develop their own process using foundries help. OVT's process will not be shared to Aptina and neither the other way round. Good job Aptina, we want more competition.


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