Friday, January 10, 2014

7th Fraunhofer IMS Workshop on CMOS Imaging: From Photon to Camera

The 7th Fraunhofer IMS Workshop on CMOS Imaging takes place in Duisburg, Germany, on May 20-21, 2014. The content of the workshop is thematically dedicated to extended spectrum imagers, SPADs, detector technologies, as well as cameras and applications. Fraunhofer IMS is expecting about 100 participants from all over the world who are active in all fields of CMOS imaging. Visit of Fraunhofer IMS wafer fab is possible. The list of presentations is below:
  • Fundamentals of CMOS Imaging: the Pinned Photodiode
    Albert Theuwissen, Harvest Imaging
  • Evolution and Limitations for Mobile Image Sensors
    Robert Gove, Aptina
  • CMOS Imagers for Digital Still Cameras
    Guy Meynants, CMOSIS
  • SWIR InGaAs FPAs for Passive and Active Day & Night Vision
    Jan Vermeiren, Xenics
  • Hyperspectral Imagers
    Piet de Moor, IMEC
  • SPADs for Single-Photon Imaging in the Near Infrared
    Alberto Tosi, Politecnico di Milano
  • CMOS Technology for SPAD/SiPM
    Daniel Durini, FZ Jülich
  • SPAD-Based ToF-Imaging for Automotive Safety Applications
    Christiano Niclass, Toyota Central R&D Labs
  • CMOS Spectroscopy Using LDPDs
    Werner Brockherde, Fraunhofer IMS
  • Silicon X-Ray Detectors - in Heaven and on Earth
    Lothar Strüder, PNSensor
  • Merging Technologies for Multi-Aperture Cameras
    Andreas Bräuer, Fraunhofer IOF
  • Lightfield Cameras
    Christian Perwaß, Raytrix
  • Computational Imaging for Industrial Applications
    Svorad Štolc, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Industrial Cameras
    Jochem Herrmann, Adimec
  • High Resolution Earth Observation Cameras
    Andreas Eckart, DLR

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