Friday, January 24, 2014

Brigates Announces MCCD Sensors for Security Cameras

Brigates (Chinese name - Rui Kunshan Microelectronics Inc.) announces BG0601 and BG0631 MCCD sensors for PAL-resolution security cameras. MCCD is a CMOS sensor which has CCD-compatible external interface. It be used in place of CCD in security camera, with some modifications: AFE is integrated onto the sensor and HV driver is not needed:

Brigates Chairman Luo Wenzhe presents MCCD technology


  1. Almost all the CMOS sensors can do this. Why this product is called "high end", is it compared to 352x288 products??

  2. A Chinese company? I wonder who they stole the technology from....

    1. Well, you are quick to accuse them. Look at the company's info pages (Google translation):

      The company has applied for 61 patents (mandated 29), four utility model patents (mandated 4), 12 integrated circuit design software copyright protection and 2.

      Core team:

      Dr. Luo Wenzhe :
      • IC design experts, has appeared in the "Thousand Talents Program" National Distinguished experts, "the country's new century talents."
      • 1988年graduate of Beijing University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Masters 91, 94, Dr. Qinghua University. Canada Postdoctoral.
      • 1996-2002 senior researcher at Bell Labs in the United States. 2001 was "Distinguished Fellow" honor.
      • 2002-2007 Director of Technical Design Services at SMIC Technology Department responsible for analog circuits and memory ip development. Leadership created a series of high- Performance, low-power silicon intellectual property modules. A total of 82 patents, including 42 U.S. patents. A considerable part of the field. The importance of the invention. MCCD technology is the inventor.

      Dr. Cao Qinghong :
      • Digital signal processing integrated circuits and image experts.
      • 1989 graduate of Tsinghua University, 1996 University Dr. lehigh.
      • In 1996-2000, senior researcher at Bell Labs, Lucent. Development of digital signal processors and image. 16 dsp processor project leaders. Expertise in image processing technology, participated in the development mpeg4 image codec international standards.
      • 2000-2004 was co-founded webcast image signal processing company.
      • 2005-2006 R & D in SMIC cmos image sensor test chip.

      Major honors:
      • 2008 Chairman and Managing Director, Dr.罗文哲awarded "Jiangsu Province high-level creative talent,"
      • 2008 Dr. Luo Wenzhe chairman and managing director for "Suzhou innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent" title
      • 2009 was the chairman and Dr. Luo Wenzhe, general manager of the "National New Century Talents" title
      • 2010 he was the chairman and general manager of罗文哲named the Central Organization Department, Dr. "people plan"
      • 2010 Kunshan sharp core 130 nm megapixel CMOS image sensor SoC chip "National Key New Product Certificate"
      • 2010年with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the famous optical and networking experts, the National Development and Reform Commission planning things Yao Quan, deputy head of the Leading Group to build a "Jiangsu enterprise academician workstation,"

  3. Applied for patents doesn't mean they will be granted, and the previous experience is from US companies (Lucent) or companies who misappropriated technology, so learning by stealing. Remember China requires companies to provide IP to set up shop in their country, which is why Samsung is setting up factories in Vietnam with lots of companies are following them. In the meantime the only "R&D" happening in China is what they are able to steal from others.

    1. Please steal or learn more English at first! Even with your poor English, if you dare discover your ID you will be sued for defamation in any country.

    2. While I feel IP needs more respect in China, I think you need to look at the historical perspective. Starting with the early days of the USA, much manufacturing technology was "stolen" from England. First it starts out by copying and then as things mature, original R&D follows. Japan started as copying the US and then later became a high tech leader. Same thing with South Korea and Samsung. Samsung now is only beginning to do original R&D. I am sure the same thing will happen with China, and Vietnam and perhaps India. Still, I hope MCCD plans to pay royalties whenever patents apply, like when they start to export their products.

      I also expect many people in China will point out that Europe "copied" many ancient Chinese innovations.

  4. Can a CCD work well with such low voltage control? Do you see any potential issue which was not included in the flyer of MCCD? Thanks!

    1. No. this is a simple CMOS sensor by just interpreting the control signals coming from TG of a CCD control interface. In this way, this CMOS sensor can replace CCD+Vertical driver chipset in a CCTV camera. A good strategy to reduce the time to market because all the existing camera signal processing chips can be used.

      -yang ni

  5. Does anyone have contact email address for Briagtes?


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