Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dual Aperture Announces JV with KAIST

PR Newswire: Dual Aperture, Inc. announces a joint venture with the Center for Integrated Smart Sensors (CISS) that will more than double the engineering resources dedicated to commercializing Dual Aperture's 3-D imaging technology. Dual Aperture's technology is based on its 4-color sensor that is equipped with a dual aperture design, which is comprised of RGB and IR pixels. The sensor also uses separate apertures for the respective RGB and IR pixels, thereby capturing data for two distinct images -- one each in the RGB and the IR spectrums -- with different levels of sharpness to generate real-time 3D depth information.

Professor Chong-Min Kyung, CEO of CISS and Professor at KAIST, adds, "CISS receives collaboration proposals from all over the world and when we examined Dual Aperture's technology, we jumped at the opportunity to build on what we believe to be truly disruptive technology for smart cameras and smart sensors. We are extremely excited to work with Dual Aperture for the advancement of RGB-IR technology."

A Vimeo video shows gesture recognition application based on the company's technology:

Dual Aperture Gesture Control from Dual Aperture on Vimeo.

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  1. Don't they know point grab do this 100 times better with simple camera. Who needs depth for this


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