Friday, June 20, 2014

Rambus Optimizes Conditional Reset Pixel

Rambus conditional reset pixel requires an ability to control reset on per pixel basis:

The company patent application US20140158863 "High Fill-Factor Image Sensor Architecture" by Michael Guidash proposes to combine column reset select line with the output bitline:


  1. It's a pity to see such kind of patent applications!!!

    1. Why is this a pity? And who do you pity?

    2. Simply as you said often, this has been largely studied by the early MOS imaging device community. So it's a pity to see a company like Rambus can ignore this history and apply this low level "patent" applications. The first VGA sensor published by SONY at ISSCC has applied already the proposed column reset in order to remove column-like FPN. It's a pity to see the low quality of Rambus team in this field.

    3. Yes, this is combination of what you mention (which was probably not invented by Sony) and the individual pixel reset circuit of JPL. Still, I have not seen them combined. The examiner may say it is obvious to combine the two together and that will be that.

      But look at it from the company's point of view. Suppose they don't file and someone else does, and the examiner allows some claims. Then the companu is in trouble! So, they really have no choice to file on simple things. If they get the patent, then it is one more brick in the wall. If they don't, no one else will either. It is worth a few thousand to write and file the app. There is more to this picture than meets the eye.

    4. Indeed, you are right.

  2. US 20080297615 Figure 5 is very close to Rambus' Figure 4a.


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