Thursday, December 04, 2014

2r1y Presents Dynamically Illuminated 3D Camera

2r1y came out of stealth mode to present a structured light 3D camera with dynamically controlled illumination. Here is a quote from JPR Tech Watch on the 2r1y's approach:

The company's flyer says: "2r1y’s new technology starts with a resolution of 1MP at 33ms. Both the resolution and performance are scalable, allowing for 2, 5 and 10+MP depth maps... The technology has also been demonstrated generating high density 3D point clouds. A point cloud with approximately 2mm accuracy can be generated in under 50ms and with sub millimeter relative accuracy in under 400ms. Key processes of this new methodology are being demonstrated in the lab. The software which controls and ties the functions together is currently in development."


  1. This isn't possible for the mentioned light power.
    A simple calculation allows to find the number of generated photons for 88.4nW during the maximum exposure time, which is only 18ns for scanning a resolution of 720p at 60fps. This means a total exposure per pixel of 1.6fJ. Assuming the wavelength of 555nm (green light), the number of photons per pixel coming to the object is around 4000 photons. These will be reflected in the object at 4 meters and come back to the sensor. Assuming a almost Lambertian surface, the number of photons that reach the lens will be around 0.028 photons for a optical input pupil diameter of 2cm.
    Independently of the sensor size, neither single photon reach the sensor for each pixel, even for a completely white object.
    It is needed to increase the light power around one million times to get a good image. This doesn't make the concept invalid, but it's not physically possible with such extremely small light power per pixel

  2. Maybe they use micro OLED panel with a projection lens. There is a paper made Swedish researchers at least 10 years ago. If you fix the minimal distance, then you know the maximum disparity, so you can switch on a sparse matrix of LEDs instead of a single LED. In this case, the illumination time will be much longer .... Just a guess.

    -yang ni

    1. May be, but they say that the illumination is "single point". And with single point and this power is not possible.

  3. 2r1y: 2good 2btru

  4. How can I pronounce the name of the company 2r1y?



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