Monday, December 29, 2014

Thesis on Image Sensor Noise

Shizuoka University, Japan published a PhD Thesis "A Study on Noise Reduction in CMOS Image Sensors using High-Gain Front-end Readout Circuits" by Mohd Amrallah bin Mustafa, dated by Aug. 2013. The thesis goes through a quick overview of the major noise sources, including RTN:

Then, thesis goes through the ways to reduce the noise, like correlated multiple sampling (CMS), high gain ADC combined with PGA, and Histogram-based RTN Suppression and Averaging (HRS):

Then, a pixel with two amplifiers is proposed, where a selection circuit chooses the least noisy amplifier out of the two:


  1. 4.5T/pixel. Not bad.
    Does the sensor require a one bit calibration per pixel?

  2. Both conversion gain and QE are reduced this way but still, seems like effective method..

  3. Hi,
    Does anyone know a free tool or open-source script which can be used to simulate or model noise (temporal and fixed), and other parameters of a cmos image sensor?


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