Monday, December 29, 2014

Sony Next Generation Global Shutter Sensors

Toshiba Teli's presentation at Vision Show 2014 reveals details of the new Sony Pregius image sensors with 3.45um global shutter pixels:

Thanks to CM for the pointer!


  1. The above Images (and lots more Info) are on Page 42 of:

    Thus far this Link provides 2 Videos about Pregius (and any more will be added at that point in the List):

    Sony's Page of Pregius and related new Sensor Technology:

    1. Thanks, Rob. Actually, Point Grey's videos and Sony pages have been covered in this blog some time ago:

      and in some other posts.

  2. The Seminar's English version of the above PDF is called:

    Reacting to changing machine vision needs by USB 3.0 and Sony’s next generation CMOS sensor

    Copyright © 2014 TOSHIBA TELI CORPORATION, All rights reserved. November 5, 2014 Shunsuke Oka

    See Page 37 of: to view the above Images.


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