Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ambarella Receives GSA Award for Most Respected Emerging Public Semiconductor Company

BusinessWire: Ambarella announces that the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) has honored the company with the award for “Most Respected Emerging Public Semiconductor Company (achieving $100 to $250 million in annual sales).” “In previous years, Ambarella has been awarded six GSA awards including ‘Start-up to watch,’ ‘Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company’ and last year’s Morgan Stanley ‘Favorite Analyst Semiconductor Company.’ This year’s honor is a tribute to Ambarella’s diligence and continued excellence in business practices,” said Jodi Shelton, president of GSA.


  1. It seems there are more and more opportunities for software stuffs in the image sensor field while the hardware improvement space is quite crowd now.
    Should the CMOS designers grasp algorithm and embedded knowledge in order to maintain their advance to the software guys, who are always afraid of thinking about transistors?

  2. Algos are the way to go.. any incremental improvement in hardware calls for huge investments.

  3. OK now I've seen everything. GSA, you're in for a rude awakening over the next year. I hate to burst everyone's bubble regarding AMBA but MS awarding them excellence in business practices awards sends me over the edge. Beware of famous pump and dump firms like Morgan Stanley, ("Ambarella’s diligence and continued excellence in business practices"). MS's sell side is completely in bed with their buy side analyst. This is going to rock the financial world a little.

    First off, AMBA's days of being the primary DSP provider to GoPro are numbered. Factors include Sony breathing down their necks, Sony offering a bundle to GoPro DSP/sensor module, market moving to embedded next year, Google now owning DropCam (Nest) and Google working previously working with Movidious as their Google Glass DSP provider, the fact that Ambarella has zero qualms about allowing their identical GoPro DSP to be built into Chinese customers rip off products of GoPro being sold over Alibaba.........see links below:

    .....even allowing these rip off products to be sold under the name Go pro instead of GoPro and that AMBA cannot meet market requirements of the next gen of GoPro cameras.

    If you were the CEO of GoPro, and you have been trying to penetrate the China market, would you sit back and allow your single source Chinese-based DSP provider to sell an identical product, your design and your brand name to rip off Chinese companies selling internationally over Alibaba, under cutting the hand that feeds AMBA? I don't think so.

    If GoPro's CEO does not know about these rip off products, some of GoPro's institutional investors do. AMBA "excellence in business practices" will be the downfall of their company.....soon


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