Sunday, May 07, 2017

Tesla Recreated Mobileye Tech in 6 Months

SeekingAlpha: Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, says in the company's Q1 2017 earnings call:

"We had a bit of a dip, obviously because of the unexpectedly rapid transition away from MobilEye, where we would expect it to have the MobilEye chip on the board as we transition, but MobilEye refused to allow that, so then we had to basically recreate all the MobilEye functionality in about six months, which we did."

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  1. Well, that is much more scary than impressive actually.

    I wonder how much effort has been put in functional safety in that short amount of time? It usually takes several years and many cars in large scale field verification/ validation to make a reliable and stable solution for ADAS applications which also works in all cases that can occur in real traffic. There will never be a 100% safe solution, but the larger the equipped fleet the more likely it is that majority of corner cases have been discovered and fixed – hence the safer it is. This is the huge advantage of Mobileye when working with the majority of global Tier1s and OEMs and consolidating the scene recording respectively to make their solution more robust.

    Mr. Musk, we will see over time how well your own replacement works instead of Mobileye solution. Personally, while driving on same roads like Tesla cars, I don't need news headings like: "Tesla crash! …now even more severe". I will add extra space and distance whenever I see one in the future…


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