Monday, May 08, 2017

ON Semi Announces Q1 2017 Results

ON Semi announces its Q1 2017 results. Here is the image sensor business update:

"For the first quarter, image sensor revenue related to ADAS and viewing applications grew at an impressive high-teen percentage rate quarter over quarter. Our design win pipeline continues to grow for ADAS and active safety applications, and we expect robust growth in our ADAS related revenue to continue... we are making investments in ADAS to further accelerate our growth in this market.

We all well positioned to benefit from growth in machine visions and industrial automation applications with our CMOS and CCD image sensors. Our Python line of CMOS image sensors for machine vision applications continues to grow at an impressive rate. We have been repurposing products from our consumer end-market for industrial applications, which drive higher margins and long-term sustainable revenues.

SeekingAlpha publishes ON Semi earnings call transcript with a question about Aptina business:

Q: "Perhaps, you guys can talk about new Aptina capacity, both front-end and back-end. I think, SMIC was putting some more online from you – for you guys. Is that up and running now? And if not, where are we with capacity? What kind of utilization do we have for Aptina specifically?"

Keith D. Jackson, CEO: "We're in a very good situation with capacity for image sensing business, running less than 70% full globally on an overall basis."

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