Thursday, May 18, 2017

Market Shares, View from China

Beijing, China-based Chlue Research publishes its "Global CMOS Image Sensor Market Report 2016" filled with a lot of interesting data from 2015. Here is a part about the market shares (Piart is meant to be Pixart, probably):

The 2017 version of the report is still behind the paywall.


  1. I'm sure Yole would appreciate accreditation for its slides that were reused in the .pdf version.

  2. Several influencing events since 2015 that affected the top 5. Who are the top 5 in 2017 report? Sony and Samsung may have retained #1 and #2 in Mobile Phone market. Not sure of OmniV as #3 any more. Who is # 3 in mobile now? Also the automotive and security list must have changed since 2015.


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