Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Teledyne e2v Re-Announces 4K 710fps APS-C Sensor with GS

GlobeNewswire: Teledyne e2v announces samples availability of Lince11M sensor half a year after the original announcement. Lince11M is designed for applications that require 4K resolution at very high shutter speed. This standard sensor combines 4K resolution at 710 fps in APS-C format.


  1. 45e of temporal noise ???
    only 60db of dynamic range,
    60% max QE

    Are there some typo, as seems a (very) low perf sensor?

    1. in the list of properties you list, you skip the main feature of this sensor: 11.2MP 10bit at 615fps means 8600MB/s datarate off the sensor. The main feature of this sensor is - its very fast.


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