Thursday, October 11, 2018

e2v Announces 11MP APS-C Sensor Capable of 4K 710fps Video

Teledyne e2v announces a new 11MP sensor in its Lince family. The Lince11M is designed for applications that require 4K resolution at very high shutter speed. It uniquely combines 4K resolution at 710fps in APS-C format or or 1400fps when windowing in full HD resolution.

Lince11M targets in-line inspection to increase manufacturing throughput, or with strobed lighting for multispectral imaging or multi field (bright field, dark field, backlight) imaging, and serve as an alternative to line scan sensors to improve defect classification where uniform image sharpness across all directions is critical.

Lince11M takes advantage of the APS-C format and is compatible with standard optics. The samples are expected to be available in March 2019.

Key features:
  • Global shutter CMOS pixel (6μm x 6μm)
  • APS-C optical format in 4K resolution
  • 700fps in 4K resolution, 1400fps in full HD resolution
  • Large FWC to maximize SNR in shot noise limited application
  • SNR of 46dB
  • Peak QE of 60%


  1. The datarate is impressive. 11M x 700fps = 7.7GPix/s. It would take more than 6 lanes of Coaxpress 12G to transport this data even with 8bit/pixel. It will be interesting to learn which interfaces will be used for a camera using this sensor. But maybe local onboard processing?

    1. Doable... one years old consumer sensor uses 32 of 3.125Gb/s serdes, making it 100 Gb/s physical, and after 8b/10b coding 80Gb/s of usable bandwidth. Yet today, I would expect a 6G serdes here, in order to decrease the lane count to 16 and keep the interface implementation efficient with current FPGAs.

  2. So the Photron sensors are completely out of service with this one!

  3. Out of service? Hold on, it's still an e2v announcement. Meaning this is easily 5 years out into the future before anyone will get to see one. If ever.


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