Saturday, November 10, 2007

6Sight Conference

6Sight Conference has been held on Nov. 8-9 in Monterey, CA. Some interesting presentations form its program are below:

Charlie Duncheon, Executive Vice President, Artificial Muscle

Artificial Muscle, Inc. will be demonstrating its newest SmartMove electroactive polymer platform product, the MLP-85. The MLP-85 actuator is a SMIA based auto focus actuator that is faster, more efficient, lighter, and more robust than alternative actuators.

Philippe Kahn, CEO, Fullpower Technologies, Inc.

Known to many as ‘the father of the camera-phone,’ Mr. Kahn presents the day’s opening Keynote Address entitled “Three Billion Camera-phones later: The Instant Visual Revolution.” One of the true creative geniuses of software technology, the founder of Borland, Starfish Software, LightSurf Technologies and his newest company – Fullpower – Kahn has been lauded by industry leaders and countless publications for his visionary strategy, technology innovation and his ability to drive an entrepreneurial culture. Kahn is considered one of the most innovative and dynamic leaders in the imaging and wireless businesses.


  1. Known to many as the father due to extreme self promotion. In fact, many Japanese, American and Europena engineers disagree.

  2. My understanding is that Philippe was involved in early works on MMS, may be even invented it. May be this is the reason for the "father of camera-phone" title?

  3. see


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