Wednesday, November 28, 2007

DxO Offers ISP Solutions

Yahoo: DxO Labs announced three embedded image processing solutions for camera phones, available as silicon IP.

The three are the DxO IPE, DxO ISP and DxO DOP families. The DxO IPE family of solutions combines image processing with enhanced depth-of-field. The DxO ISP family provides image processing without the enhanced depth-of-field; and the DxO DOP family provides the enhanced depth-of-field without the image processing functions.

All of the solutions are implemented using configurable and programmable SIMD processor core - sounds a lot like like NXP product. The solutions support resolutions from 1.3MP to 12MP. They are available to be embedded on CMOS sensor, on companion chips inside camera modules, or on baseband or application processor chips.

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