Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sony 2.8MP 180fps Prototype

Sony fast sensors family is getting bigger. The new Sony article describes 2.8MP 180fps sensor with about 3.5um pixel pitch. The 3T based sensor uses digital CDS, that is the reset level is stored digitaly and subtracted at the read time. All in all, it's quite a strange prototype in outdated 0.18um process and outmoded 3T technology.


  1. Digitally storing of the reset is good in terms of making sure that you have the exact reset you have started with ... but is it really correlated .. for sure the SF noise is uncorelated and you will probbaly have a lot of 1/f.

    along time ago I have meaured a product with two ananlog outputs ---> with this I could easlly go to "digitally corellated mode" - I remmber it was quite noisy ~1mV of noise
    I agree with you that it is very
    strange concepts - do you think on some kind of hidden advantage using 3T?

  2. Yes, it's hard to explain why Sony opted for 3T here. 3T pixel works faster, circuit-wise, may be this was the reason. Another thing I can think of is that they used a readily available 3T test platform to make the fast sensor technology demonstration. The fact that it uses old 0.18um process, supports this explanation as well.


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