Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tower Releases 2.2um Pixel IP

Yahoo: Tower announced 2.2um pixel IP availability. The pixel is made in 0.18um process, which is quite an achievement for such a small pixel size, probably the smallest pixel ever made in that process. IBM and Kodak are known to work on something similar, but no official announcement has been made so far.

The pixel is reported to have 1.5e/s dark current and 9e/s DSNU, both at room temperature. Very nice numbers. Unfortunately, Tower does not provide FWC, QE and crosstalk numbers to complement the picture.

Several Tower customers are already developing new sensors using this new 2.2um pixel at various resolutions, ranging from very small VGA through 3MP sensors for cellular-phone applications up to 5MP for DSCs.


  1. FWC~11k
    X-talk detrmined by color-filter

  2. Very good performance. So now fabless companies can get ready 2.2um pixel with world-class performance level.


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