Saturday, September 27, 2008

BIOS-Pixel Initiative started BIOS-Pixel Initiative on Photokina 2008 (BIOS = Better Instead Of Smaller). The initiative is supported by the German test lab Image Engineering, the magazine ColorFoto, the online magazine and Ringfoto, a dealer association.

One problem with their approach is that they use unified lighting conditions and test chart to check "good pixels". In fact, "good" or "bad" pixel quality depends on a lot more things, such as illumination, scene, lens quality, AF quality, AE quality and many other factors. So, with all these factors unaccounted, the tests, that the Initiative proposes, have very limited value to me.

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  1. BIOS - better instead of smaller.
    Why do these supposed "engineers" think that smaller pixels and better image quality cannot go together? Seems to me a smaller 2008 pixel is better than a larger 1998 pixel.
    And who says 6 Mpixels is the right pixel count. I think that is only true for a certain pixel design and technology.
    Silly silly silly.


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