Friday, September 26, 2008

Kodak and DALSA Brag about their Medium Format Achievments

Yahoo: Kodak reports that new LEICA S2, HASSELBLAD H3DII-50, and SINAR Hy6-65 - are based on both new and existing KODAK CCDs, and establish Kodak as the leading supplier of image sensors used in professional photography.
LEICA S2 camera, powered by the new KAF-37500 Image Sensor, is the third product from Leica to be based on Kodak CCDs. The new KODAK KAF-50100 Image Sensor was selected by Hasselblad for use in the HASSELBLAD H3DII-50. Sinar has selected 31.6MP KAF-31600 Image Sensor for use in the SINAR Hy6-65.
KAI-50100 and KAF-37500 are based on 6um pixel.

DALSA too reports that its 6um pixel CCDs are "at the heart of the newest, highest-resolution and highest performance medium format digital camera systems". Probably it means Leaf digital back, as I'm unable to see any other recent DALSA-based camera announcement.

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  1. DALSA is present in the digital backs of Leaf as well as of Phase One. The latter one has the 60+ Mpixel in their P65+ camera. Apparently this is the highest resolution these days available in digital backs. DALSA sensors are also used by Mamiya, but in that case the sensor has "only" 22 Mpixels.
    Albert T.


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