Tuesday, September 09, 2008

TI Moves Forward with its WDR Sensor

TI Japan publishes a presentation and a flyer of its TC922 WDR sensor for security applications. The 800x600 resolution sensor is based on 5.6um pixels. The DR is 94db. The sensor's supply voltage is 5V (I wonder what is the process used).


  1. Sir,

    I very much enjoy your blog and appreciate the effort you put in aggregating relevant image sensor technology and business news.

    Regarding your question about the process of TI's TC922 sensor, I believe the likely 0.18 um 2P3M process was disclosed in the Apr. '08 IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits.

  2. Thank you for the pointer. The article talks about VGA sensor with 5.6um pixels. Interesting that TI presentation only mentions 7.5um VGA TC920 prototype and 5.6um SVGA TC922 product. It looks like there is another hidden chip in between these two and it's described in the April JSSC paper. Also, for some reason, the paper does not mention 5V supply, quite an unusual supply for 0.18um process.

    Thanks again for the pointer.


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