Monday, September 08, 2008

ST Presentation on Camera Module Building Blocks

Università di Catania, Italy enjoyed ST delivering a high-level presentation on available solutions for camera modules, including sensors, AF possibilities and ISPs. The first few pages of the presentation are in Italian, then it switches to English.

Update, Sep 9: The file has disappeared from the site, even though the link to it is still on the presentations page (see part 10, pdf 2).


  1. This presentation is over a year old (June 2007) according to the slides.

  2. Yes, it is old, but it came to my attention just a few days ago. Most of the things covered there have not changed in this past year.

  3. the link is not working

  4. It works for me. What message you get when you click on the link?

  5. OK, it seems that the file disappeared from the site. The link still works for me, probably it's kept somewhere in the server's cash. But when I tried it on a different computer, the link is dead.

    Well, Internet is a dynamic thing, it pays to make a local copy as fast as possible. Sorry about that.


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