Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bird Introduces DBlur Enabled 3.2Mp EDoF Camera Phone

I received this PR by email and saw no other source on the web. Thanks to G.M. for sending me this:

Dblur enabled phones in mass production by leading Chinese mobile phone vendor

Herzliya, (Israel), February 16th, 2009 – Dblur, the developer of Software Lens™ technology, today announced the introduction of a Dblur enabled camera phone from Bird, the leading mobile phone manufacturer in China. The H716 and H718 camera phone models, incorporating Dblur EDoF technology, are currently in mass production.

Dblur’s EDoF technology enhances and extends the camera's in-focus range from Macro (15cm and above) images and up-close business card and bar-code scanning to best quality landscape. By implementing this technology Bird is able to provide its customers increased value by offering cost effective ‘all-in-focus’ cameras without focusing delays and missed focus images.

“The end user experience of the mobile phone camera is significantly improved,” says Wu, Guofeng, Deputy General Manager of Ningbo Bird Software Co., Ltd., “Dblur’s EDoF technology allows virtually everything to be in focus at the same time which eliminates the ‘focus on the wrong object’ images which results in a poor user experience,” he adds.

Dblur’s EDoF technology also eliminates auto-focus related delays, such as focusing delays, which jeopardized the opportunity to “capture the moment”. Users will now be able to confidently “point and shoot” without worrying about focus.

“Bird’s Dblur enabled mobile phone, which Incorporates MTK’s baseband, truly elevates the user experience,” says Guy N. Michrowski, VP Sales and Marketing at Dblur Technologies. “The mass production of an EDoF camera offering from Bird, China’s leading mobile phone vendor, is a significant milestone for Dblur and is the result of many months of extensive development and testing that involved several parties,” he adds.

The Dblur enabled H716 and H718 mobile phone models are available now from Bird.

For more information please contact:


Mr. Guy Michrowsky
VP Marketing & Sales
Tel: +972.54.444.8314

Update: PR.com has published Dblur's press release.


  1. I wonder why all of these people keep using these solutions which are really just glorified fixed-focus?

    From what I can tell, autofocus is where it's at, and only OmniVision can do that digitally.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    The Dblur EDoF solution gives 15cm to infinity images. This range is explicitly different from OV and the others. It enables all the auto-focus applications, using a fixed-focus lens, including Macro images from 15cm, business card recoginition, even in the tiniest Chinese characters and 2D bar-code (QR code) recognition as small as 0.25mm module. the value is giving Auto-Focus functionality and fix focus lens, and avoiding no AF delays. GM.

  3. Both DXO and Dblur have been to our company to introduce their technology.

    People from Dblur are very nice. I have seen their demo. From 15cm to several meters,the images are always in-focus.

    DXO’s guys just showed their images in powerpoint. Anyway, seeing is believing.

  4. Agree that DBlur's EDoF is giving better results than DxO's techno. But I did not know that you could change the focus. I thought EdoF was only about having all objects (from 15cm to infinity) in focus, i.e. no blur/sharpness difference between background and foreground.

  5. That is exactly what I wanted to say. All objects are in focus.

    Because I have not seen DxO's demo. It is hard to say Dblur's EDoF is better than DxO's.

  6. Has anyone compared Dblur's EDOF to Tessera's EDOF (used to be Eyesquad)?


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