Monday, February 09, 2009

Omnivision Delivers CameraCube

Yahoo: OmniVision's new CameraCube technology is a three-dimensional reflowable camera solution that combines the full functionality of a single-chip image sensor, embedded image processor, and wafer-level optics in one compact, small-footprint package. OmniVision's has enabled the industry's smallest profile and z-height (down to 2.5 X 2.9 X 2.5 mm) for today's ultra-slim mobile phones and emerging markets including notebook PC, surveillance, automotive and medical cameras.

The new CameraCube devices, which include the OVM6680 (400 x 400 SGA) and OVM7690 (VGA), are immediately available in volume production. Additional devices based on the new technology are slated for release throughout 2009.


  1. OVT has a patent that says they can make these things at the wafer level. If that's true, they are going to have a serious cost advantage over everybody else. This looks like a big deal to me.

  2. Others are working on wafer level cameras as well. This is going to be the next turn of competition in low-cost sensors.

  3. "Working on it" and having it in the market right now are entirely different things. "Working on it" equates to vapor ware and has for years. "Working on it" doesn't put any orders on the books or money in the bank.
    Many companies "worked on" CIS too but many if not most them never got off of first base.

    How many companies are "working on" forming the optics with a semi fabrication process? Actually forming optics on the wafer in a fab process and sticking lens holders onto wafers one at a time are not the same thing. Does anyone here know for sure which this is?

    I am afraid that WLO is going to be one of those much abused acronyms and often misused and misunderstood phrases by marketing departments and stock analysts everywhere.

  4. Omnivision is making lenses at the wafer level.

    The overall process, on the surface at least, is similar to what Tessera is doing.

  5. Is OV making the lens? Or is its supplier like Visera making the lens?


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