Friday, February 12, 2010

Galaxycore Shipped 100K 8" SMIC Wafers, Captured 40% Market Share in China

Red Orbit: Galaxycore announced that it has reached a milestone with its key foundry partner SMIC and shipped 100,000 8" wafers. The 0.13um and 0.153um CIS process its foundry partner SMIC uses to manufacture GalaxyCore's products is claimed to have the least photo layers in the industry and is thus the most cost-effective.

Chris Chi, Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer of SMIC said, "GalaxyCore has more than 40% of the CIS VGA market share and is currently the largest in China. Together with SMIC, the largest foundry in China, we have confidence to better serve China's rapid growing consumer electronics market and enhance the VGA market penetration."


  1. Is there anyone know if the Galaxycore still stay on 3T pixel stage ?


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