Saturday, February 27, 2010

LG Innotek to Enter CMOS Sensor Design?

LG Innotek is well known by its camera module products for mobiles, security and automotive. Now it looks like the company plans to enter image sensor design. Bay Area Korean Group Community published a long list of open sensor design positions at LG Innotek (Google translated):

CMOS Image Sensor with process-related part of the design experience (5-10 years experience)
  • Pixel Design Pixel Design
  • SMART Sensor Design SMART Sensor Design
  • 3D Sensor Design 3D Sensor Design
CMOS Process and Device-related portion of the design experience (5-10 years experience)
  • CMOS and BiCMOS device modeling
  • CIS part of the design and development process
Standard CMOS process using the relevant part of Analog Circuit Design experience (5-10 years experience)
  • ADC (Analog Digital Converter) Design
  • CDS (Correlated Double Sampling) Design
  • TG (Timing Generator) Design
  • Others (Amplifier, Data Converter, PLL, DLL, Filter, etc.)
ISP-related part of the design experience (5-7 years experience)
  • FPGA and ASIC design
  • Image Processing-related S/W Algorithm Development 

The rumor is that up until recently LG Innotek used design services of Japan-based ENG to make its custom-tailored sensors. In the more distant past LG used to have a semiconductor group with its own CCD design. At the end of 90s LG Semiconductor was combined with Huyndai Semiconductor to form Hynix, later spun off as Magnachip. Now it looks like LG wants its image sensor capability back.


  1. It looks like the first big win is the iPhone 4G

  2. I do not believe this. Most probably LG Innotek is the camera module maker using Omnivision sensors inside.

    See my update to iPhone 4G post:


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