Thursday, February 25, 2010

iSuppli on DSC and Camera Phone Trends

iSuppli: The average resolution for handset cameras’ CMOS sensors in 2008 was 1.5MP. By 2009, that average increased to 2.1MP and iSuppli forecasts it will rise to 5.7MP by 2013. In comparison, DSCs averaged 7.6MP in 2008 and will rise to 13.9MP in 2013.

"... a high-resolution camera phone may produce poorer image quality than a DSC because it has less sensitivity or poorer dynamic range, resulting in a relatively shallow contrast,” said Pam Tufegdzic, consumer electronics analyst at iSuppli. Still, "iSuppli believes that handsets may soon begin to cannibalize the low end of the DSC market as they incorporate higher megapixels and flash capabilities."


  1. Ahhh, really? iSupply, you guys are little late with this sudden epiphony. This actually started happening as soon as mobile phones hit 2 Mp in Asia, about 2-3 years ago. It is in full state right now as can be witnessed by Kodak's demise in the DSC market, the majority of which are low-end DSCs. (30% lower ASPs than Canon) Now with BSI, VC, xenon and other attributes, users will not see a difference this year, except in resolution.

  2. Totally agree with you "Anonymous"... iSuppli - wonder who these guys are fooling around with.

  3. I cannot understand what iSupply said about cell-phone camera trends, especially as resolution. What does he want to say? I agree with you "Anonymous".

  4. ur all Dicks so shut up


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