Saturday, December 10, 2011

Intel to Support Gesture Recognition in its Chipsets

Reuters: Total Immersion, a pioneer in emerging field of augmented reality (AR), is working with Intel to bring AR features, like gesture recognition, into Intel's chipsets, Total Immersion's marketing chief Antoine Brachet said.

"What we are doing together with Intel is working on their chipset ... so inside the chipset you can have some AR features, like gesture recognition that can be transferred from software to hardware," Brachet said.

Intel Capital has invested in Total Immersion $5.5M in March 2011. The 1999-founded (other sources - 1998-founded) Total Immersion has lately attracted attention of other heavyweights, Google and Qualcomm, according to Reuters.


  1. No idea what this means. Are they saying you can wiggle your phone and something is controlled?

  2. it's better that INTEL puts graphic and CUDA-like features in their chipset.


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