Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ISORG Demos Magic Pad

Printed organic sensor company ISORG demos its first product in these Youtube videos:

This bar graph applet illustrates what the ISORG organic sensors "sees" on top of the tablet, it estimates a relative distance to the object on top the pad by the amount of light each pixel receives:

Virtual disc with a touch-less interface:

Thanks to SG for the link!

Update: Here is Photonics 21, Sept. 2011 presentation by ISORG.


  1. is a simple photodiode array enough for this application?

  2. the problem with a simple photodiode array would be the pixel pitch that would be package dependent and the assembly cost.

    ISORG technology enables to print (ink jet type of printings) a complete array of photo diode at a defined pitch on a plastic substrate, that can be conformable and/or flexible. thus enabling low cost and better integration.


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