Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BAE-Fairchild Re-Announces 1080p sCMOS Sensor for the Second Time

Business Wire: BAE Systems-Fairchild Imaging repeated its August 2011 announcement on 1080p sCMOS image sensor, the Fairchild Imaging CIS1021. The new PR mostly repeats the statements from the previous one.

The CIS1021 sensor delivers essential imaging performance parameters without having to make the trade-offs inherent in other sensors available today,” said Colin Earle, deputy general manager of BAE Systems Imaging Solutions. “Scientific applications such as live cell microscopy require imaging at extremely low light levels since too much illumination will lead to cell damage or death. The Fairchild Imaging sCMOS sensor significantly reduces that concern, while at the same time enhancing imaging speed and data collection range.


  1. Not enough customer traction?

  2. And non-"s" CMOS sensors are getting low on noise too like e2v Ruby sensors.

  3. Maybe this means they lowered the price.

  4. what is the price of a sCMOS sensor?? any reference is OK, just for getting an idea.


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