Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CCD vs CMOS Sensors in Traffic Applications

A recent Adimec blog post discusses the merits of CCD and CMOS sensors in traffic camera applications. The article concludes: "In 1 to 2 years, CMOS image sensors will outperform CCD regarding traffic requirements in high speed applications. It may then take some time for CMOS to take over in systems as the market accepts the change and makes all of the corresponding system changes".

Thanks to GA for the link!


  1. It looks as if Adimec only realizes now what CMOS can do... In ITS, CMOS has been employed for over 5 years. The statement: "In 1 to 2 years..." makes me wonder what improvements they are waiting for to employ CMOS in ITS.

  2. Right, the improvement is that they need to finish their camera design now that they've finally realized what CMOS can do. The lack of CCD smear and robustness for solar damage would seem to be obvious reasons to use CMOS for ITS. Perhaps someone from the industry could explain further?



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