Friday, January 06, 2012

Single ST Gyro Fits OIS and UI Applications

PR Newswire: Up to now there were two non-overlapping types of MEMS gyro chips: low sensitivity ones for user interface functions and high-sensitivity gyros used primarily for image stabilization applications. The low sensitivity gyros were intended to recognize coarse movements in range of tens of degrees, but their noise and drift was beyond the requirements of image stabilization systems. The high sensitivity gyros had low noise and drift, but their dynamic range was limited to few degrees, too small for user interface.

Now ST claims to overcome this limitation in its L3G4IS dual-core gyroscope employing separate output paths optimized for the two different functions in a 4x4x1 mm package. The device is said to address, at the same time, motion and gesture recognition and optical image stabilization.

"ST's dual-core gyroscope lights two candles with one flame," said Benedetto Vigna, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of ST's Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group. "Instead of using two dedicated sensors with significantly different specifications, phone and tablet manufacturers can now simply integrate a single gyroscope for both gesture recognition and camera image stabilization, which enables more reliable performance, sleeker form factors, and lower costs."

ST's L3G4IS dual-core gyroscope is sampling now and volume production is scheduled for Q2 2012, with unit pricing at $3.9 for volumes in the range of 1,000 pieces.

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