Friday, May 04, 2012

First Eedoo Reviews: Much Better than Anticipated

Kotaku published the first look review of China's Eedoo competitor of Microsoft Xbox360 console, including the Kinect. Their conclusion is:

"I can say that it was much better than I had anticipated. The motion tracking was for the most part worked, I was expecting much worse. At the same time the system felt too much like a me too system. It looks and feels way too much like the Xbox 360 and Kinect. There wasn’t really much innovation, and so far, I don’t believe it lives up to its 3799RMB ($587) price tag."

Update: Kotaku published the full Eedoo CT510 review. The conclusion is similar "Exceeding all of my wildest expectations by just working, the CT510 is a very impressive first for a no name Chinese company trying to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately for eedoo its 3,799 RMB (600 USD) price tag really kills it."


  1. Well, it's really a me-too system. I would like to say that this is very dispointing and shameful!

    Maybe they would like to innovate but the success doesn't come, so by marketing/management pressure, they just make a X-360/Kinect clone!

  2. MS lawyers are smiling ...

  3. But this is for chinese market, so what can MS lawyers do?


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