Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 IISW: Awards, Organizational Announcements

These announcements came from Eric Fossum:

-The IISS Walter Kosonocky Award is presented bi-annually for THE BEST PAPER presented in any venue during the prior two years representing significant advancement in solid-state image sensors. The award commemorates the many important contributions made by the late Dr. Walter Kosonocky to the field of solid-state image sensors. The 2013 IISS Walter Kosonocky Award was presented for the paper “A 33-Megapixel 120-Frames-Per-Second 2.5-Watt CMOS Image Sensor With Column-Parallel Two-Stage Cyclic Analog-to-Digital Converters,” by Kazuya Kitamura, Toshihisa Watabe, Takehide Sawamoto, Tomohiko Kosugi, Tomoyuki Akahori,Tetsuya Iida, Keigo Isobe, Takashi Watanabe, Hiroshi Shimamoto, Hiroshi Ohtake, Satoshi Aoyama, Shoji Kawahito, and Norifumi Egami. The author team is from NHK, Brookman Technology and Shizuoka University.

-The IISS Exceptional Service Award is presented for exceptional service to the image sensor specialist community. The 2013 award was made to Albert J.P. Theuwissen for exceptional contributions to the education of image sensor specialists through his books, university teaching, organization of various educational activities in conjunction with IEEE and IISS meetings, and continuing professional education with Harvest Imaging.

-The IISS Exceptional Lifetime Achievement Award is made to a member of the image sensor community who has made substantial sustained and exceptional contributions to the field of solid-state image sensors over the course of their career. The 2013 Award was presented to Gene P. Weckler for significant contributions to the advancement of solid-state image sensors.

-Among the many excellent presentations made at this year’s IISW, the IISW was honored to have Dr. Michael Tompsett, who invented and developed the CCD image sensor (US Patent No. 4,085,456), deliver a keynote speech. Dr. Tompsett touched on many aspects of the invention and subsequent development of the CCD image sensor as well as his other activities in solid-state electronics. Dr. Tompsett received a standing ovation from the audience at the conclusion of his talk.

-The IISS announced the 2015 IISW will be held in Europe and Co-Chaired by Johannes Solhusvik and Albert Theuwissen, with Pierre Magnan serving as Technical Program Chair. The exact location is TBD.

-The IISS also announced changes in its organization. As part of a planned leadership rotation, Nobukazu Teranishi will assume primary responsibility of the IISS as President for the coming six years commencing at the conclusion of the 2013 IISW, taking the reins from Eric Fossum, who has served as President for the first six years of the IISS. The IISS has added Boyd Fowler to the Board of Directors, joining Teranishi and Fossum, as well as Solhusvik, Theuwissen and Junichi Nakamura, yielding two Directors from each of the three continental regions served by the IISS and the IISW.

-The International Image Sensor Society (IISS), a California Non-Profit, Public Benefit Corporation for scientific education, plans to have no membership requirements or dues for the coming year, and will continue to offer free and unlimited access to its on-line library of Workshop papers dating to 1986 and before. The papers from the 2013 IISW will be posted in mid-September 2013.

The workshop site has 2 group photos taken with Nokia 808 Pureview camera phone and Canon EOS5D cropped to 13MP - one can compare a quality.


  1. Nokia picture looks better than Canons, I guess spatial oversampling does have its advantages


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