Saturday, June 01, 2013

ST Imaging Update

STM has held an 2013 Investors & Analysts Day on May 16, presenting few updates on its image sensor business.

The CIS production seems to take a good chunk of the Crolles 300mm fab's capacity:

ST develops 1.1um and 0.9um pixel process, apparently cooperating with 2 foundries. So far, only cooperation with UMC has been announced:

0.9um pixel is scheduled to appear in 2014:

In recent years ST has introduced a lot of CIS process extensions:

The Imaging Division presentation talks about the achievements and strategies:

The progress in camera phones sensors includes:
  • Ramp-up of BSI process one quarter ahead of schedule for smartphone maker flagship device
  • Including brand new technology concept
  • High Performance Pixel: DTI, Vertical Diode, large pixel, HDR, low dark optimization
  • Investment of color capacity into Crolles 300mm ready in 3Q13 (+100%)
  • 65nm Back Side Illumination process development with UMC under execution as planned

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  1. Does 0.9um pixel process use 65nm?


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