Thursday, June 06, 2013

Panasonic Restructuring

Panasonic IR Day presentations reveal the first details of its restructuring program. Panasonic has been split into 4 companies. The semiconductor business belongs to Automotive & Industrial Systems Company. With respect to image sensors, it appears that Panasonic limits its future activity to medical, automotive and security applications only:


  1. Does Panasonic have competitive cmos image sensor products? Its a good strategy to get out of mobile space if the company doesn't have scale.

  2. Panasonic has presented recently a few interesting projects regarding the imaging sensors, such as: using color splitters instead of the conventional color filter method of the Bayer array;
    and an image sensor with thin organic photoconductive film laminated on CMOS.

    It would be surprising if they would limit their future sensor R&D only to industrial and security applications.

    1. The question is whether they have products they can compete with. It is hard to imagine that either the color splitter or the organic film are anywhere near the product stage, no matter how interesting an R&D they might represent. They don't have BSI, instead they tout their Smart FSI. All of that may be fine for industrial, security and automotive, but not so much for mobile space.

    2. There is little commercial sense in copying somebody's technology, particularly if its benefits are rather uncertain.
      Meanwhile, some updates on the Fujifilm+Panasonic organic CMOS sensor

  3. I found that recently Panasonic semiconductor had updated their website, especially image sensor.
    The top banner is the new image sensor for mobile devices SmartFSI.
    And Sub page for Mobile use, Industry and Sensing use and Security and Network are made.

  4. Some other interesting imaging related info can be found in the AVC section


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