Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WLCSP Listed at Shanghai Stock Market at $780M Valuation

PR Newswire: China-based Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP) has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and has raised US$118M with an IPO price of US$780M - not a bad valuation for a company that begun as an image sensor packaging house. The company started in 2005, when essentially all Shellcase manufacturing business was moved to China. Shellcase R&D team was sold to Tessera for $33M in 2006, while WLCSP manufacturing in China grew into a large business, although still remaining in 8-inch wafer realm:


  1. Not sure about the comment "all Shellcase manufacturing was moved to China". Xintec is still around and (as far as I know) and they have an original Shellcase license through OVT/VisEra if memory serves correctly.

    1. I meant that Shellcase investors decided to close the manufacturing in Israel and shift it to China. This is how WLCSP was founded.

    2. That is "effectively" right. In actuality they shut down the Israel facility and sold a license to WLCSP at the last minute before Tessera bought them. There was nothing "moved" from Israel to WLCSP - most of the Israel equipment ended up in North Carolina at DOC, although a few machines may have been sold to WLCSP.


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