Friday, August 22, 2014

Diet Extends Human Eye Sensitivity into NIR

A crowd-funded experiment promising to extend the human eye sensitivity to NIR reports an initial success. The group of researchers was able to extend it to 950nm. The key idea is to restrict vitamin A1 intake, while administrating vitamin A2 supplement at the same time. The vitamin A2 supplement is not readily available and it took the research group about a year to get it. After the two weeks of vitamin A2-rich diet, the group has registered biopotentials showing the retinal reaction on the 950nm LED flashes:


  1. First step to night-vision in a pill?

  2. Unfortunately, the real night vision isn't at 950nm, but above 8000nm.
    See at 850 or 950nm is a great new, but it's needed some light source that emits at this wavelength.
    However for above 8000nm, the light sources are the body that has temperature around live body temperature.


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