Thursday, November 06, 2014

Article on Hamamatsu ToF Imager

Photonics-Spectra publishes an article "PMD Camera Enhances 3-D Imaging" by John Gilmore (Hamamatsu) and Slawomir Piatek (NJIT). The article talks about Hamamatsu S11963-01CR 160x120 ToF sensor operation and performance:

Hamamatsu pixel
Indirect ToF principle

The accuracy of the camera using 10-μs pulses (3000 pulses per frame) from an 8 × 8 array of LEDs (λ = 870 nm, full width half maximum = 45 nm), IR-transmission filter HOYA IR83N, f/1.2 lens (focal length 8 mm), and a 160 × 120-pixel Hamamatsu S11963-01CR sensor (pixel size 30 × 30 μm, field of view = 37.5° × 27.7°) is graphed below:

Distance uncertainty as a function of collected charge


  1. Anything to do the german company PMD ?

    1. Although PMD Technologies has a 160x120 imager (used in CamBoard Nano), it appears that the Hamamatsu imager has nothing to do with PMD Tec since there is no reference to PMDTec in the Hamamatsu Specs (common would be something like "PMD Intelligence" as Infineon uses).

      Hence, I assume with PMD they refere to the measurement principle of a photnic mixing device using two capacitors.

    2. I think Hamamatsu is rather cooperating with Prof. Kawahito from Shizuoka Univ. in Japan. Have a look for instance at their latest IISW'13 publication:

      - Andreas Süss

  2. PMD here refers to "photonic mixer device"


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