Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Imec Presents UV Anti-Reflective Coating

Imec presents a BSI CMOS sensor featuring a new anti-reflective coating (ARC) optimized for UV light. Targeting imaging solutions in new markets such as life sciences, the achievement is an important addition to imec’s customized 200mm CMOS fab. This 200mm process line enables imec to offer design, prototyping and low volume manufacturing of custom specialty chip solutions such as highly specialized CMOS image sensors.

Imec has already developed an ARC for visible light range (400nm-800nm) with >70% QE over the entire spectral range. Imec’s new ARC, targeting the UV range, shows excellent performance at near UV wavelengths, with QE above 50% over the entire spectral range from 260nm to 400nm wavelength.

This is an important milestone for imec’s customized 200mm CMOS process line, demonstrating our expertise and capability to design, prototype and manufacture high-end CMOS image sensors,” said Rudi Cartuyvels, SVP, Smart Systems & Energy Technologies at imec. “The development widens our portfolio towards new markets, offering solutions for both visible and UV imaging in semiconductor equipment applications, such as advance lithography and wafer and mask inspection.


  1. What is the stability of this coating over time and intensity?

  2. Don't ask any questions that relate to functional and parametric yield, reliability, ageing, etc. Please.

  3. I think then they should start a division for testing these parameters if they are not available.Things would be much different in the field than in laboratory conditions.

  4. Yeah, they get a lot of tax payer money.. they should use that to establish the best practices and beat the competition (i.e., private companies who pay taxes).


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