Thursday, November 06, 2014

Odos Imaging ToF Camera Wins 2014 Vision Show Award

IMV Europe: Odos Imaging 1.3MP ToF camera wins Vision Show Award. Chris Yates, Odos CEO, says "as a company we are absolutely delighted, as well as deeply honoured, to receive the VISION AWARD 2014, particularly since so many outstanding products and companies were nominated. Our 3D vision systems represent a new direction for the machine vision industry, seeking to provide high-resolution 3D imaging with the same ease of use as conventional industrial cameras. Bringing together multiple technologies in order to create innovative products is often challenging, requiring talent, belief, and hard work. The recognition provided by this award gives a huge boost to our world-class team, who have successfully overcome many barriers in bringing our flagship product to market, the real.iZ VS-1000 megapixel 3D vision system. At the same time, we recognise the tremendous benefit that the machine vision industry has provided as an open, welcoming, and highly knowledgeable community for a young company to join."

Yates says the company already has a 4MP version under testing in laboratory conditions. "A complete family of products is planned, covering a wide range of cost and performance points. Excellent underlying technology drivers are present with lower noise and more sensitive pixel designs possible as well as a wider range of more efficient light sources available, all providing an attractive product development programme and an optimistic future for the company."

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  1. Aphesa's project ranked short behind the Odos imaging one but we had no chance to win against such a product. Congratulations.


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