Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Omnivision Automotive Image Sensor Demo

LowLightVideos publishes a video demo of Omnivision OV10640 OmniBSI 4.2um pixel sensor for automotive applications. The notable points in the video:
  • 0:10 Driving down the road there are clouds in the night sky that can be seen, yet oncoming headlights are not blinding.
  • 0:18 Driving in the underground during the day provides a fairly good image, though the trees outdoors are a bit washed out.
  • 0:55 Driving into the Sun does not oversaturate the Sensor. Next, a turn into a dark underground which quickly and smoothly brightens up as we enter.
  • 1:40 All those Headlights create a tiny bit of glare, but the clouds look pretty good in the night sky. Very little noise visible.
  • 4:00 At night the Streetlights never get too bright and the glare is never too great, yet the sky has visible clouds and very little noise.


  1. The framerate is terrible... is it even 15fps?

  2. Some image lag seen on bright lights..

  3. This guy drives badly

  4. How much gain in pixel performances, such as full well capacity, sensitivity, and crosstalk is expected in BSI pixel rather than FSI pixel with relatively large pixel size, 4.2um in this case?


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