Monday, November 03, 2014

Two Workshops in Toulouse

CNES, Airbus Defense & Space, THALES Alenia Space, SODERN and ISAE organize two workshops in Toulouse, France on November the 26 and 27, 2014. The 3rd edition of the workshop on "Radiation Effects on Optoelectronic Detectors" will be held on November 26 and starts with a tutorial:

How to perform radiation test on optoelectronic detector
Françoise Bezerra, Olivier Gilard, CNES

The regular sessions agenda is:

  • Ionizing radiation effects on CCDs over a very wide range of doses
    P. Jerram,E2V technologies, T. Hatsui, RIKEN, A. Holland, XCAM
  • Low temperature Total Dose Irradiation of DifferentTransistor Topologies for Infrared Applications
    T. Nuns, J-P. David, S. Soonckindt, ONERA O. Gilard, K. Sanchez, CNES, F. Perrier, S. Ducret, SOFRADIR
  • ITAR free rad hard detectors for high reliability applications
    J. Leijtens, Lens Research & Development ESIC, T. Brosowski, First Sensor A.G.
  • Gamma Ray and Proton Beam Exposures of Teledyne DALSA 5T Pixel Structures and Outlook for Future Radiation Hard Devices
    O. Cherry, Teledyne Dalsa
  • Monte Carlo Transport Code for Image Sensor Radiation Analysis
    C. Inguimbert, T. Nuns, M.C. Ursule, ONERA, D. Hervé, M. Beaumel,SODERN
  • Exploring the Kinetics of Formation and Annealing of Single Particle Displacement Damage in Microvolumes of Silicon
    M. Raine, P. Paillet, O. Duhamel, M. Gaillardin, N. Richard, CEA DAM, V. Goiffon, P. Magnan, ISAE, S. Girard, Université Saint-Etienne, C. Virmontois, CNES
  • Validation of a Model for Dark Current Non-Uniformity due to Displacement Damage Dose in irradiated CMOS Image Sensors
    J-M. Belloir, V. Goiffon, ISAE Image Sensor Research Team, P. Paillet, M Raine, CEA DAM, C. Virmontois, CNES
  • Development of a Cryogenic Irradiation Test Facility and the Results from a CCD236 Swept Charge Device
    J. Gow, P. H. Smith, A. D. Holland, N. J. Murray, The Open University, P. Pool, E2V technologies
  • TID and Low energy proton effects on large pitch InGaAs array
    J. Vermeiren, Xenics
  • In orbit degradation of frame transfer CCD and other studies on different image sensors
    C. Durnez, V. Goiffon, ISAE Image sensor research team, C. Virmontois, CNES
  • Radiation-Induced Dose and Single Event Effects on Digital CMOS Image Sensors
    C. Virmontois, A. Toulemont, G. Rolland, A. Materne, C. Codreanu, C. Durnez, A. Bardoux, CNES, V. Lalucaa, V. Goiffon, ISAE
  • Roscosmos facilities for single event effects testing: state-of-the-art and future plans
    P.A. Chubunov, V.S. Anashin, United Rocket Space Corporation, Institute of Space Device Engineering
  • Tests results of Russian–made photo-receiving matrix on hardness to the influence of space ionizing radiation
    A.V. Vlasov, V.S. Anashin, P.A. Chubunov, S.A. Yakovlev, United Rocket Space Corporation, Institute of Space Device Engineering
  • Single Event Transient and Single Event Upset electrical simulation under Cadence based on MUSCA –SEP current sources in 0,18/0,35 CIS process
    F. Barbier, T. Ligozat, E2V Technologies

Another workshop "Image Sensors Optical Interfaces" is focused on improvement of the capability to collect incident photon is a main driver for image sensors. The workshop agenda for Nov. 27 is:
  • Plasmonic filters
    G. Vincent, R. Haidar, ONERA
  • Design of plasmonic lenses dedicated to Near Infrared detection (1,064 m) with CMOS image sensors
    T. Lopez,S. Massenot, M. Estribeau, P. Magnan, ISAE, J-L Pelouard, Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures, LPN-CNRS
  • Development of a multispectral infrared focal plane array based on sub-wavelength metal patch arrays
    N. Père-Laperne, P. Le Boterf, L. Rubaldo, D. Joubert-Bousson SOFRADIR, R. Espiau de Lamaestre, M. Brun, N. Rochat, S. Bissotto, A. Perez, CEA, LETI, MINATEC
  • REOSC - Multispectral thin film coating on detector - Mozaïc project
    M. Oussalah, SAFRAN
  • Interference metal/dielectric filters integrated on CMOS image sensors
    L. Frey, L. Masarotto, J. Raby, P. Parrein, C. Pellé, M. Armand, M-L. Charle, CEA, LETI, MINATEC, M. Marty, S. Lhostis, J. Michailos, E. Mazaleyrat, D. Hérault, STMicroelectronics
  • Pixelated Multilayer Thin Film Filters For Multispectral Imagers
    M. Lequime, L. Abel-Tiberini, C. Hecquet, J. Lumeau, Institut Fresnel K. Gasc, J.Loesel, J. Berthon, CNES
  • Space environment effects on CMOS microlenses and color filters
    C. Virmontois, C. Codreanu, A. Materne, A. Bardoux, CNES, E. Berdin, M. Bréart de Boisanger, Airbus DS, M. Estribeau, V. Goiffon, ISAE, Image Sensor Reseach Team
  • Optimisation of CMOS sensor optical interfaces
    P. Jerram, E2V technologies
  • Microlens back-end process using UV polymer replication on CMOS wafers
    P. Dannberg, A. Oelschläger, R. Leitel, H-C. Eckstein, L. Stürzebecher, A.Matthes, P.Schreiber, A. Bräuer, Fraunhofer

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