Friday, January 08, 2016

Light Camera Demo

Mashable got a chance to see Light Co's L16 52MP array camera prototype at CES 2016. Few quotes from Mashable impressions:

"On the prototype, the photo stitching took a little while to work and froze. In the end, I didn't get to see how fast it was. When I asked Dr. Rajiv Laroia, Light's co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, how long it will take to generate a 52-megapixel image on the final product, he told me they're shooting for under a minute.

That's a long time to wait for a complete image. The Light team is going to try to make the processing as fast and instantaneous as possible, but the company's not promising anything faster than under a minute right now.

"I have to admit, the sample image taken by the L16 looked pretty good with lots of details when zoomed in, but it also looked like it had a lot of image noise."


  1. Sorry, but could someone explain the advantages of the camera? I hardly see any for now. Besides, if one lens misfunctions - the rest is useless,right?

    1. I myself think this will lead nowhere but conceptually I can see some benefits. Its gives you the supposed quality of a dslr but it is as thin as a phone and provides depth info. So possible for an architect, interior decorator or dads travel cam. I still think if you're that obsessed about quality you're going to bring a DLSR or mirrorless with you instead (probably for a lot less money) but they still sell quite a few pricey compact cameras with fixed lenses so there must be a market for this.

    2. well it is thin, but it's tall and wide ... the form factor is much worse than my 5D.. the only advantage of this weird but useless device is it slips nicely into pockets in the bag


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